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Client-Directed Collaborative Tasking 
  1. Interactive Scoping
    Working both for you and with you to ensure the optimal fit and ultimate alignment...
    For more than two decades Cynergy-Global has been assisting clients with international ventures, yet we never presume to know what's best for the client until we have met with them multiple times and fully understand their needs and objectives. Only then will we suggest a course of action or a scope of services that we believe will serve them best. At the same time we are constantly probing to be certain that the client's expectations are realistic and that they understand and accept the legal, regulatory, and cultural standards to which they will be held. If we are all in agreement, then and only then do we engage.
  2. Doing the Math
    Hidden costs can cripple even the most promising proforma, yet they are most often revealed only after the CAPEX has been invested...
    Legacy social welfare obligations, local taxes, and customary tributes are neither intuitive nor apparent unless you've been there before, and fortunately we have. As part of any engagement Cynergy-Global makes certain that the client is aware of any potential taxes, tariffs, and surcharges, as well as potential legacy obligations such as social welfare claims or back taxes. We want to ensure the client has full economic viability when calibrating the business model.
  3. Domestic, Geopolitical and Global-Macro
    Strategic planning is one thing; 3-Dimensional Strategic Planning is another thing altogether...
    Most clients would prefer to ignore politics altogether, but for those with existing international business ventures or planned global expansion, politics plays into every decision, and often on multiple and conflicting levels. Cynergy-Global has an excellent working knowledge of all of the moving parts on both sides of the ocean, and can often provide mission-critical insight that can mean the difference between success and failure.
  4. Connectivity
    We often take connectivity for granted in our home countries, but international connectivity is a much more complex consideration...
    Not all internet access is created equal. Rules differ from country to country regarding both domestic and international use of the internet. In developing a corporate communications strategy it is critical that clients understand all aspects of the regulatory policies for internet use, including security, right to privacy, access to big data, and operational bandwidth. To add to the complexity, the massive automation of China's traditional industrial sector will be dependent upon the Internet of Things (IoT), which is foreign to most clients. Fortunately, Cynergy-Global is well versed in IoT protocols, and we have already helped to develop multiple sector-leading big data strategies.
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